More Leaders | More Impact

Posted on by Tacoma YFC

Bailey is seventeen. Bailey is passionate, loyal, creative, and a born leader. Ever since we met her a few years ago in Remann Hall her home life has been inconsistent. The Anew Safe Space has become a place where she can find comfort. A place where she can do laundry, get ready for work, rest, and receive encouragement from YFC leaders. Whenever Bailey is at the Safe Space, everyone feels a sense of joy. 

Nine months ago, Bailey found that her resources were exhausted and she no longer had anywhere she could stay at night. One evening, after a YFC leader had helped her contact other resources in the community and find temporary shelter, she asked, 

“Why Can’t I Just Go Home With You?”

There are realities that come along with doing youth ministry that make you want to stop doing the work. Every youth leader has a moment with someone like Bailey that breaks their heart and they are overcome by fear and doubt. And every youth leader that presses into God in this moment, gets to look forward to a miracle. 

That is exactly our expectation in Bailey’s life, a miracle. While sharing the gospel and connecting with other resources to advocate for youth like Bailey, the Kingdom of God reveals itself. But, the reality is, we need more leaders to be a part of Bailey’s story. We need more leaders to be a part of the lives of other 11-19 years olds like Bailey. We need more leaders.

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